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Monday, 28 February 2011 07:38
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Gerbrand Bruin from Klipkop writes:
Along Lynnwood Road extension and Garstfontein Road we find many areas infested with invader plants on plots and road shoulders. I am specifically speaking of the pom pom. This is the beautiful sea of dark-pink flowers that let many people think we are in Namaqualand, but in fact we are in hell and losing the battle against invaders.

Pom pom weed, Campuloclinium macrocephalum, and a few others are in fact very dangerous invaders; category one weeds, which are by law: "Prohibited on any land or water surface in South Africa and must be controlled."

Pom Pom

Other category one weeds include: bugweed/luisboom, queen of the night, and the moon cactus. These plants compete strongly with normal crops and displace indigenous plants and animals.

By the year 2000, ten million hectares of land in South Africa had been invaded by alien plants. Is the Klipkop Conservancy the only area where these invaders are controlled? Please control these invaders on your plot and on the road shoulders bordering your property.


Suggested control: carefully cut flowers and stems at approximately 250 mm above the ground. Place in a plastic bag for burning later, and spray the remaining stem and leaves on top and underneath with the following mixture: Brush Off 2.5 g per 10 liter water combined with Effecto benatter.

Alternatively, cut the flowers off and place in a plastic bag, and pull out the roots while the ground is wet. Roots break off easily. Follow up any check for new growth after a couple of weeks.

For any questions, please phone Gerbrand Bruin at 011-964-1591.

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