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Thursday, 24 May 2012 10:35
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Ex-Kungwini and Nokeng Municipality residents are bracing themselves for a massive increase in property rates. Municipal funds earned in this way will either not be spent in the Bronberg area or wasted on white elephants such as the Shere admin building.

The 2012/13 draft budget states that further expenditure of millions of rand of public funds is planned to ‘complete’ the Shere admin building.

The ex-Kungwini municipality originally launched this project without any consultation of rate-paying communities or any impact studies, and in violation of several legislative requirements. This project has already been submitted to the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) and the Public Protector (PP) for forensic audit and investigation.

Residents associations in the Bronberg area across the board objected to the draft 2012/13 City of Tshwane Budget and Integrated Development Plan (IDP), especially the proposed hike in rates and tariffs. The increases, some as high as 25%, are deemed excessive.

The Magalies-Bronberg Property-owners Association (MBPA) suggested that all property rates and services increases should be capped at the current 6%. The exception would be the negotiated electricity increase of 11%.

According to the MBPA, no substantial capital projects have specifically been allocated to ward 101. It is therefore clear that none of the local rate-paying communities’ IDP/budget submissions of previous budget periods have been addressed.

Residents’ associations are especially upset about the fact that the metro council failed to hold a legally correct ward committee election in the Bronberg area. It has also failed to comply with its constitutional and statutory obligations to create the conditions that will make meaningful public participation and joint decision-making about local government matters possible.

According to the MBPA’s Mike Strange, the MBPA would like to contribute where it can to the process, but feels undermined by Tshwane Metro Municipality’s actions since its take-over of Kungwini.

“The MBPA management and members want Tshwane to be successful in our area and are asking to be involved in the process. We are, after all, why the municipality exists,” he said.



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