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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 00:12
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Anonymous from Cullinan writes:
After visiting Cullinan Premier Hotel on a frequent basis, the following problems were encountered and now forwarded to you for further investigation and handling.

During the first week of August, on a visit, two friends ordered Coke, which the bar lady, Patricia, said was out of stock. Two days later there was still no Coke when ordered.

My husband and others ordered Castle during July and the second week of August, which was also out of stock as told by another bar lady, Brenda.

Thomas, the floor manager of the hotel, carries cash around in his pocket, which is used to send a worker of the hotel to buy whatever is ordered by clients and of which the hotel has no stock available, from the nearby ‘Tops’ store.

For a month no TV’s were in working order, and on request we were told that the DSTV service providers have not been paid. The TV’s were operational from 12 August.

While the hotel was occupied by many patrons, the manager jumped over the counter, resting his behind on the counter while the patrons were eating and drinking. He could have walked around the bar as he intended adjusting the volume of the music.

There have always been two pool tables available to entertain patrons as the hotel is a big tourist attraction as well as one of the very few recreational facilities in the village. One has been sold and is causing a great deal of frustration among patrons.

The manager was timorously found to be seated drinking at a table.

The hand dryers in the restrooms have been removed. The optics are empty, which results in patrons not being able to see what is available.

This is a very serious concern amongst the villagers of Cullinan. The hotel was once a very classy, clean and posh place to visit, but needs serious intervention. It seems as though the present management is only concerned with the bottom-line objective as customer care is no longer a priority.

After speaking to some of the personnel, it seems as if they are not comfortable with the present situation at the hotel.

All our efforts – including phone calls, e-mails and a visit to the hotel - to get the hotel manager’s comment on these allegations have failed.-Ed


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