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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 06:49

Hedy and Rainer Kohl from Plot 76, Ilanga, The Willows write:
Dear Gerhard and Angie, this being the tenth year of The Bronberger issues, we do not want to miss the opportunity of extending our congratulations to you on a job well done - and especially given the inherent problems and difficulties tied up with producing such a great magazine! As a writer, I particularly enjoy 'The Final Word'.

We have collected every single copy of The Bronberger since the first issue saw the light of day, as some of the informative accounts are by and large historical and contain a wealth of what might otherwise be lost stories and details about this fine and beautiful town of ours - and especially the eastern suburbs.

We have seen vast changes taking place over the last 47 years since we came to Pretoria from Germany (in 1965), and got married as the very first couple to be 'hitched' in the German Church downtown - the building was still being completed!

We moved to The Willows in 1968 - and stayed; reared our two sons here and are still living here on our magnificent, 'green' plot in the Bronberg!

We believe it's one of the finest habitats on this globe, despite some of the not-so-nice developments around.

One suggestion and heartfelt plea to you both: Please, PLEASE give us more ENGLISH content in The Bronberger - we have and there are so many foreigners living in the eastern suburbs who don't know Afrikaans, and ALL of these people would just LOVE to read The Bronberger!

Take a hint from your advertising which is at least 90% English text!

We distribute The Bronberger to our tenants, friends and acquaintances, but many of them regret the fact that they cannot fully appreciate the issues, as many are indeed non-Afrikaans-speaking (tourists, overseas visiting family members or foreign contract workers) - all of them having fallen in love with the Bronberg surroundings!

Dare we hope for at least a 25% English content in the future? At least the historical articles should perhaps be bi-lingual or how about a plain paper insert with English translations?

Once again, WELL DONE and carry on with the good work - may The Bronberger go from strength to strength and continue to give us joy and interesting reading pleasure for many, many years to come!

Hedy and Rainer, thanks so much for your very kind words about The Bronberger, your congratulations and good wishes. Your request about more English content: We’re a community publication and therefore cater to the community, which is largely Afrikaans-speaking. It would be nice if foreign tourists could read our magazine, but we write to and for the people who stay in our area. Just as we care for and would like to contribute towards conserving the fauna and flora of the Bronberg area, we’d also like to acknowledge the language most of our readers were born speaking and make our small contribution towards keeping it alive. You can speak and read English all over the world. In 100 years’ time you’d most probably still be able to do so. This is the only country where you have the option of doing it in Afrikaans, should you wish to. In a 100 years’ time you might not be able to speak the ‘taal’ anywhere on this planet. Try Google Translate on our website. Granted, the computer-generated literal translations give for hysterical laughter, but it is at least a start. We thank you again for your kind words.-Ed


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