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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 07:23
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Gretchen van der Merwe from Zwavelpoort writes:
So this is how it’s going to go every time there's a storm in Zwavelpoort – or a certain section of Zwavelpoort, namely around the Zwavelpoort Road.

We have been living here since 1968 and the power was installed in 1982. Now, every time there is a simple thundercrack or strike of lightning, off goes the power in our area – sometimes for up to 13 hours at a time.

This is now about the third time in two weeks: 6 pm on Friday 19 October and there's no power! What fun – again. Yet I look over at areas such as Mooikloof and, wow, their lights are all blazing beautifully.

Last time (on 10 October) the power was out for 16 hours. The next day the council people were driving up and down the Zwavelpoort Road, trimming all the trees. “It's the trees’ fault,” I was told by the diligent folk who came armed with ladders and saws to trim my trees.

Amazing that it’s only in Zwavelpoort, and not in Mooikloof or even further towards town, that our trees, upon a crack of thunder, pounce upon unsuspecting power lines and put them into non-functioning mode for the next however many hours.

But then, of course we don't have any (or many) cabinet ministers living in our humble area of Zwavelpoort, unlike Mooikloof.


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