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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 07:24
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Kat Behrens from Cullinan writes:
There is a new dumping site in Range Road in Cullinan. I have noticed piles of gravel as well as black bags with garden rubbish and now it has grown into a dump. 

On Saturday 13 October I went home to fetch something and on my way back saw a gardener with a wheelbarrow full of rubbish crossing the road to dump. He came from 2nd Street. 

I stopped him and informed him that he cannot do so, and he said he will dump further down the street. Is this allowed? I informed him that I am calling the police, which I did. I spoke to Capt Nkombeni who took all the details, including mine, and said he would send out a car to investigate and give a fine to the owners.

The police that were sent out in turn called me and said no-one was at home. He said he can't really do anything; I must call the Metro Police. When I asked him whether he is the Metro Police, he answered no; he is from the SA police. What is the difference?

If we don't put a stop to this dumping we are going to sit with filth and a fire hazard. Please inform me what I can do about the above issue. I would like everyone in Cullinan to take note what is happening around them and stop this.

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