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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 07:30
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Deborah Knowles from the Magalies-Bronberg Property Owners Association writes:
The Magalies-Bronberg Property Owners Association (MBPA) has again vowed to fight the pompom weed on the verges of the public roads where passing traffic stirs up the seeds and helps to distribute them far and wide.

This area amounts to some 40 hectares in and around Boschkop and will be fought with MBPA funds. Join us in this community initiative and rid our land of pompom. 

For now, we must all take emergency action to limit the proliferation of wind-born seed distribution. Cut off the flowering head and place in a plastic bag. Then immediately spray the weed foliage with a herbicide such as Glyphosate 360 strength 15 ml in one litre of water (Scat, Roundup or similar). Bagged, flowering heads must be incinerated.

This season's pompom campaign will be the concept of 'Adopt-a-Spot' where MBPA members volunteer to manage, monitor, inspect and report on a specific section of road in the vicinity of their plot. We can mark these on an area map and post it on the website (

Hopefully the whole area can be covered over time, but we will at least know which areas don't have eyes fixed on them. Log onto and use the MBPA website to log areas and provide contact details of land users who are not active in pompom removal:

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