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Monday, 18 August 2008 04:03
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Laverne Tromp writes:

Your issue of The Bronberger vol 6 no10 June 2008: Bronberg Lodge advertised that they are open on Sundays. We had visitors from Namibia, six adults, who we wanted to take for lunch and on arriving we found that the lodge was closed.

We were also not the only ones standing at a locked gate; there was another vehicle with four occupants and also to their surprise the lodge was closed.

Now in your issue The Bronberger vol 6 no11 July 2008 there is no mention of the Bronberg Lodge open on Sundays. So what I am asking: Is the Bronberg Lodge open on Sundays or closed on Sundays?

I have to say that it was rather embarrassing for me with my guests. Does the Bronberg Lodge take more than a month to decide whether they would be open for business on Sundays or closed? Hope by now management has decided which way they are going.

Bronberg Lodge opened on Sundays for a while during June. From July they've been closed on Sundays. They're open from Mondays to Saturdays.-Ed


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