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Monday, 27 July 2015 23:11
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Anonymous from Grootfontein writes:
On Tuesday 16 June the following incident allegedly took place in Grootfontein Country Estate: A small Jack Russel dog managed to get out of his plot, and went into a vacant plot where another person's goats were kept.

Once the goat owner and his two teenage sons became aware of the little dog, they proceeded to first shoot the dog, injuring its hind leg, then pelting it with bricks, and finally beating it to death with sticks.

All this happened while the dog owner’s nine year old son was watching helplessly through the window of their house. Imagine the trauma this child is going through.

The incident was reported to the Welbekend Police Station and they sent an officer out to investigate. Their response was that they cannot do anything about it as it is kind of an agricultural area.

In the meantime the goat owner got rid of the dog's body. They claim that the dog was a threat to their goats. I don't really see how a Jack Russel can be a threat to a fully grown goat.

There were two workers who apparently also witnessed the incident.

The SPCA was contacted to open a case of animal cruelty, but they said they needed the animal’s body as evidence, so I am not sure if they are proceeding with the case.

What these people did to the dog and the family is surely not justified, and other avenues could have been tried first by the goat owner before beating the dog to death. Apparently he did not even attempt to contact the owner of the dog to talk first.

I believe this incident should be made public so that the community can be aware of it. The residents of Grootfontein Country Estate is absolutely shocked and outraged that something like this have happened in what is normally a very peaceful and quiet neighbourhood.

Letter shortened. We sent the letter to the estate’s home owners association for comment. – Ed

Rudi Aschenborn, chairman of Grootfontein HOA answers:
We have not investigated the incident and would therefore not be in a position to comment on it. The home owners association condemns cruelty to animals. As we are a voluntary association, we focus our efforts on enhancing lifestyle in Grootfontein and try not to get involved with personal fights between residents.


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