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News - Briewe
Tuesday, 27 October 2015 09:43
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Olga Birch from Bronkhorstspruit writes:
Thanks so much for a truly wonderful book and the lovely book launch. All the books that I ordered have reached their new owners with great delight.

On Saturday past I was at the local stamp fair in Queenswood and got tackled by several people wanting to know, seeing that I come from Bronkhorstspruit, where they can get this new book on the history of Pretoria, as they believed it was published in my area.

Overwhelmed at first, I realised they were referring to ‘Toeke se Dae – Die Karakters’. I had the last one to be delivered with me, and showed the interested parties. The next thing a lady was furiously writing names on a list, which I was presented with.

Those interested are all stamp collectors and post card collectors, and this is a must have for them.

Do you have more books that I may purchase? Here’s hoping you still have some unsold books!


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