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News - Ons Mense
Tuesday, 27 October 2015 10:09
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Artist Katanya held her last art exhibition on 27 September. She was told that her cancer has progressed to such a degree that she might not see this Christmas.

In ‘Katanya fighting cancer with art’, published in July 2014, we reported that the Faerie Glen-based Jeanette Smith, known as the artist Katanya, was told that the cancer she contracted eight years previously had returned.

When she heard the sad news, she spread canvasses of every shape and size around her studio and began a frenzy of creativity to express every emotion and thought she has inside of her in the time she has left with us.

Katanya (Jeanette Smith) in the foreground

A year later she heard that her lifespan is somewhat short and arranged what would be, according to medical opinion, most probably her last art exhibition. Axel van Pletzen from Schlaraffen Club in Menlo Park sponsored the venue and the opening was held on Katanya’s husband, Douglas Smith’s birthday.

Approximately 120 people turned up, even the ambassador of Austria, Brigitte Oppinger-Walchshofer.

The guest artist was Katanya’s dear friend, Jessie Brien, and three of Katanya’s talented students also participated.

Guest artist, Jessie Brian, and Katanya at her work

The opening speech was done by Estelle Kovacs from Unisa. Estelle said that Katanya’s paintings are explosive with imagination and tinctures. She has many mood swings, which are evident in her work.

Estelle said that the artist perhaps uses the name Katanya to veil the humbleness and modesty with which Jeanette lives her life. Katanya, on the other hand, is out there, bold and sassy, she is not shy . . . she puts all her feelings out there for all to see, feel and contemplate.    

“Art has always been my passion, my strength to face the outside world and my tool of empowerment to unlocking all my fantasies and the hidden secrets in my mind,” Katanya said.


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