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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 12:11
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Petro Lemmer from Pienaarspoort writes:
Regarding ‘Deurpad sal gebied vir ewig verander’ in The Bronberger’s November edition:

It always amazes me that people buy properties in an area without enquiring about future developments, and then complain when development of the township, road, airport, power line or whatever commences. The proposed Road PWV 17 is a case in point.

Of greater worry to the residents of Bashewa and Grootfontein areas is the PWV6 that runs just south of and parallel to Garstfontein Road (Road K50). It crosses the PWV17 just east of the Witfontein dam, the K27 that runs from south to north through Bashewa and Garstfontein Road just west of Bapsfontein Road (R515 = K169).

The PWV17 was planned to link the East Rand with Mamelodi. There is to my knowledge no planned highway that runs south of and parallel to the N4.


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