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Monday, 25 January 2016 22:15
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Rene Walker writes:
Please inform us if there is an English edition of our community magazine, ‘Die/The Bronberger’.  

The latest edition has only three articles, of which one is an advertorial, written in English. Such a shame, as my husband cannot read any of the interesting articles, especially on the war history. I have to translate the entire magazine to him each month.

Does this perhaps indicate that our area, which is quite extensive, is predominantly Afrikaans-speaking? Many of my friends, who have mentioned this phenomenon as well, will find your assessment interesting if you can give us the reasoning for writing all articles in a favoured language.
A good magazine that not all people may be able to read, a pity!

Thanks so much for your kind words about The Bronberger. It gives us great joy every time a reader refers to ‘our community magazine’. We do indeed try to serve the community and as an independent community publication we have the freedom to acknowledge the language the majority of our readers were born speaking and to make our small contribution towards keeping it alive in the only country in the world where it is spoken as one of the official languages. – Ed


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