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Thursday, 07 December 2017 07:50
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Elaine Van Rensburg from Harrismith writes to dr Liesel:
I’m so glad I found this e-mail address on your website.

I just want to find out: we live on a farm far away from any vet. My biggest worry is that a snake would bite one of my dogs. What is the way to go if this happens? Is there a way to buy polyvalent to keep in my fridge at home? 

Thank you in advance.

Dr Liesel van der Merwe answers:
The polyvalent anti-venom works with some venom, but not all. Additionally, it is very expensive (R1 000 per vial) and three to six vials are generally needed.

Not all bites need anti-venom, as some are ‘dry’ bites. Anti-venom is vital for the nerve venom bites – once again – only if sufficient venom is injected to cause signs. 

So, cost related, it is too expensive to keep for ‘in case’. It also expires and is also not always needed. 

If you do want to still keep it in stock, you would need to contact your local vet.


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