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Friday, 26 January 2018 16:15
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Kevin du Plessis from Bashewa writes:
I recently had an experience with Eskom which I think needs sharing with the community:
During the second week of January I experienced appliances not operating or sounding as
they normally do. I also noticed that the pool pump would run, and after a while switch off and run again.

On Thursday the borehole pump would not switch on. There was enough water in the tanks to last a few days, so I decided to investigate on the Saturday. First thing I did was check the incoming voltage and found it to be 280 volts. Everything suddenly made sense to me.

Eskom’s team of technicians from left to right: Justin, Gerald Mwale, Vincent, Elvis, Seth Mekwa

I phoned Eskom on Saturday at 11 am, spoke with a competent operator, got a reference number and a promise that a technician would be there within four hours.

Two technicians arrived at 1.30 pm, checked the transformer and established that it had a phase fault. They said that a team would be sent on Monday to replace the transformer.

Monday at 9.30 am five technicians arrived and replaced the transformer in the blistering heat. The power was restored at 2 pm and all appliances and motors are working and sounding as they should.

I think the team needs to be recognised.


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