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Tuesday, 25 September 2018 14:40
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Vicky Lowe from Cullinan responds to Dr Liesel van der Merwe’s column:
I so enjoy dr Liesel’s columns and advice she shares with your readers. However, in
the July edition she took the time to highlight the reality of having a family of dogs which, whether we like it or not, are closer than family members at times.  

Her column was sparkling, truthful and so real, and as I read about the old dogs and cats I could identify with her on every aspect. Each pet has its own personality, quirk and fancy, expectations from its human and knows just which buttons to push for the required result.

Hubby and I own nine dogs of varying ages – three to 13 years old. Two have lost their hearing, three have eye dysfunctions and require extra understanding with regard to moving furniture, sleeping accommodations, favourite spots to lie and, yes, to be fed exactly where they are at that particular time. All have distinct personalities and needs.

For hubby and I to leave home for any length of time requires much thought and preparation. The idea of going on holiday is quite mind-blowing and I appreciate the detail regarding bedding and where each one prefers to sleep.

I sure would like to make use of a reliable house sitter and dog lover, as suggested by dr Liesel.


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