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Tuesday, 23 July 2019 11:21
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The Tierpoort Seniors were invited to ‘Lunch with the Mafia’ on 3 July at Royal Jontica in Garstfontein Road. The venue was transformed into an Italian street café with red flowers hanging from the balconies.

Hostess Maryna Steyn welcomed the seniors with open arms. The welcoming drink was “De Vino” – tasty glühwein to warm up the spirits after which the “Al Camone” of the day, Theresa Joubert, got everybody’s attention with her gun shots.

Andre Fourie, left, and Johan Schorr conspiring

The introduction was an interactive discussion about the interests and attractions that Italy has to offer. The Mafia was immediately on the list. Callie Lemmer mentioned that Mafia stands for “Morte ala Francais Italia Anela” meaning “Kill all Frenchmen that comes to Italy”.

“Al Camone”, Theresa Joubert

Newcomers Dawid and Marietha Bodenstein

A Mafia crime party game followed where each table had a Mafia member with a gun, a doctor, a murdered person and a detective, all in great secret. Members had to negotiate carefully to get to the bottom-line of the game.

Dieter Laubinger as the detective

The menu to follow suited the theme perfectly. The staple food of the Italian street woman, Puttanesca, was served with toasted ciabatta on the side. Puttanesca consists of pasta with anchovies and Italian tomato sauce.

Lemon cake with cream cheese ended this fun-filled morning.


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