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Monday, 19 August 2019 20:30
Untitled Document

Anthony Coutinho from Nest Park writes:
I would like to paint two of the photos in The Bronberger’s April 2019 edition. That is the one by Gene de Lange – a “struisvogel” – and by Eus de Clerk – “sonsondergang”. I need written permission from these photographers.

Once I have finished the paintings, I will send you a photo of the completed painting.

Both Gene and Eus gave their permission. Gene had the following to say about the request – Ed:

Gene de Lange: Nogal skaars dat iemand so ordentlik is om die vraag op skrif te stel. Hedendaagse norm is om sommer net te vat en voort te voeter. Ek dink Eus de Klerk sal saamstem dat Anthony ’n handeklap verdien.


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