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Wednesday, 17 June 2020 14:41
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Debbie Buys

If dogs could talk, Kiki might be able to tell us how she almost ended up dying on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Did she wander out of her garden and get lost? Was she dumped out there on her own? Does she have loving owners who are looking for her?

What could she have done that was so bad that someone purposefully picked up a rifle, took aim, pulled the trigger and then left a sweet, lost and terrified little dog to run for her life on a shattered leg?

Kiki’s injuries

Maybe Kiki could explain how someone mistook a lost little doggie for a vicious predator that came to attack his family and property, and how this person had no choice but to shoot her from behind as she was desperately trying to get away.

However, for every bad person there is also an angel, such as the woman who saw Kiki lift her head when she was lying in agony next to the dirt road and brought her to Wet Nose for help.

If Kiki could talk, we could explain to her how the Wet Nose vets are only trying to help her and how we are going to do everything we possibly can to save her leg and not amputate it. How we will rehabilitate her both physically and emotionally after the operation, and how we will then look for the most loving new home for her if her owners don’t claim her.

Kiki at Wet Nose

But Kiki can’t talk. So, for now we will communicate with love, patience and understanding, knowing that she did not deserve this. We will try to speak on her behalf and hope that she will understand our love and compassion.

Kiki is but one of many. We see cases like this every day. But we love, rehabilitate and care for each and every one of our over 500 animals until we find them a forever home; no matter how long it takes. 

  • To learn more about Wet Nose Animal Shelter, visit the website: www.wetnose.co.za.

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