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Monday, 21 September 2009 16:33
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Many unsuspecting employees were thrown in a temporary jail cage at the Dis-Chem Centre. They were arrested on charges such as laughing too loud, talking to the office plants or drinking to much coffee, and had to wait for their companies to bail them out. All the funds raised went to child welfare.

Chris Batts from SA Corporate Games in front of the ?jail?
Photos: Boschkop SAPS

Officers from the Boschkop Police Station arrived at the Dis-Chem Centre, on the corner of Heymeadow and Hans Strijdom Drive, Faerie Glen, at about 9 am on Friday 21 August. Chris Batts from SA Corporate Games had put up a temporary jail for the SAPS in front of the Pick ’n Pay.

Attorney Jaco Van Den Berg, who was visiting a client who arranged for his ?arrest?

Businesses in Board Walk Manor and Dis-Chem identified people who should get arrested by the SAPS and then taken to the temporary jail where they had to wait for their company to bail them out. Minimum bail was set at R200 a person. None of the arrestees knew what was going to happen.

Philla Kekana tries to escape from custody

According to the police, everyone who was arrested laughed about the charges, except two furious people. One of them wanted to phone his lawyer and the other was angry with the people at work. The ‘suspects’ were arrested by R/Sergeant Ina Simon and R/Constable Pieter Van Wyk. The project, which also attracted donations from shoppers, ended at about 3 pm.

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