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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 10:24
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Tracy Forté, managing director of Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre, is no longer associated with the centre, following her resignation on 13 October.

This statement was released by the Wet Nose board of directors after a nearly three-month period of silence following Tracy’s suspension from Wet Nose on 26 July.

In the court documents on behalf of the board of directors, it is alleged that Tracy issued false cheques which were drawn on Wet Nose’s bank account, and that she had direct or indirect interests in contracts with the centre.

“Events have taken place over the last three months that we have tried to keep out of the media for the sake of the animals in our care. Tracy was suspended by the board of directors after allegations of gross financial mismanagement. Investigations are taking place and the aim of the board was to keep a low profile on this until these allegations had been proved or disproved,” reads the board of directors’ statement.

This photograph of Tracy Forté was published in The Bronberger of October 2002

According to Tracy she has been the subject of criticism for years, and the Wet Nose board’s suspicions are unfounded. Tracy’s letter of resignation was made public and in it she states that she’s “not willing to participate any further in the witchhunt created by the current directors”.

“My life and passion has been pulled out from under me and I am now tired of the death threats and the continuous danger my innocent child has suffered. The stress and emotional turmoil I and my family have suffered watching a dream I created to save the innocent and voiceless and give them a second chance in life, has taken its final toll on my health,” Tracy wrote.

According to Derek du Toit, a Wet Nose life member since 2001, and his blog, Hopeful Homeless, the validity of the allegations against Tracy should be questioned. He writes that it is questionable whether the board, as it was constituted on 26 July 2010, had the capacity to make the decisions it did. Derek writes that the resolutions and the actions arising from those decisions should be declared null and void.

According to a statement signed by Veronica van der Merwe on behalf of Wet Nose, the board has ordered a forensic audit to substantiate its primary findings relating to mismanagement. Formal legal proceedings are underway to resolve irregularities and prosecute parties found guilty.

Veronica appealed to animal lovers to treat any damaging information relating to Wet Nose, with sensible caution. “In the process, all these people achieve is bringing an animal shelter, which is already on its knees due to dishonesty, even lower.”

An open invitation is extended to all interested parties to visit Wet Nose at plot 75, Vaalbank on the Old Bronkhorstspruit Road. Questions can also be directed in writing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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