We live with the stink and E.coli Print
News - Briewe
Tuesday, 23 June 2015 01:14
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Megan and Norman Tiley from Tierpoort writes:
Tierpoort seems the place to be for residents with no respect for our environment. We have a chicken hatchery business, which used to dump its waste and effluent on to the land, close to us.

We now live with the stink and E.coli in our water. The neighbours across the valley whose borehole is in the spruit also have E.coli in their water. I suffer from chronic diarrhoea and porphyria which makes me allergic to sulphur.

Two years down the line and with plenty of help from Ina van As from Environmental Affairs, they have now put in tanks, but the overflow still stinks and seeps into the spruit.

Ina has sadly been taken off our area. We’ve had no feedback from the new people and nothing has improved.

The hatchery washes its dirty cages outside with high power hoses and it stinks abominably, besides the noise that is made from the high-power hoses and the generator.

This waste seeps into our spruit, which empties into the Pienaars River at Nkwe.

Letter shortened. – Ed