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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 21:48
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Esmé Bluff writes to dr Liesel:
I would really appreciate your response. My little mix-breed girl, Abbey, was infected with the pirocerca lupi 12 months ago. We opted for the treatment (eight weeks’ injections) and she responded very well.

All my dogs are treated monthly with the deworming pills recommended by my vet to prevent reinfection. She has lately started eating less, vomiting and showing all the symptoms she had when infected. 

How do we assess whether she has been re-infected or if it could have developed into cancer?

Dr Liesel van der Merwe answers:
You will need to have a chest X-ray done and if necessary an endoscopy performed.
Unfortunately the preventatives are not 100% effective.

Advocate has come onto the market recently and is the most effective preventative, maintaining blood levels after the third month of treatment. All the others are in the blood only for a few days, and thus leave an open window of three weeks or so, but then this is not long enough for an infection to establish itself.

If it is a reinfection and not something else going on, I would advise you to change to Advocate. You will need additional tick protection though, as advocate is not very effective against ticks.