Fiasco on Garstfontein Road Print
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Monday, 26 September 2016 19:16
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Anton Jansen from Rietfontein writes:
On 15 November 2014 a large sign was erected along Garstfontein Road with the good news that within the following three years the road would undergo a ‘routine road maintenance’. At last, we thought, the shoulder of the road, which was rutted in some places 40 cm below the tar by taxis, would be leveled, guard rails on dangerous curves would be installed, road markings at crossings improved, and reflective bollards installed at entrances to plots.

Two years passed without a sign of Elmandi Road Maintenance maintaining the road and Garstfontein Road kept deteriorating and the amount of accidents increasing. So, we phoned the number on the sign board, tried to contact Tshepega Engineering (the consulting engineer) and even the Gauteng Department of Roads, but to no avail.

But at last, about ten months ago, in some places soil – not gravel – was deposited on the shoulder and raked level. Note: raked, not compacted, with the result that within three months taxis rutted the shoulders again.

Then, to add insult to injury, on a straight section of the road, 30 meters guard rail was installed where never an accident had occurred, and a month later 10 meters were removed. A further 50 meters were installed and half of it removed again. And so it went on with holes being dug but left unattended for the past three months.

The most dangerous section of Garstfontein Road is the curve close to the Mooikloof Heights entrance where an average of one accident per month and three deaths per year occur. The guard rails on the straight section should have been installed at this curve! Furthermore, the contractors have removed the reflective bollards at a two meter deep culvert. Last week someone got killed!

We trust that finally, after eight years, the Gauteng provincial government will blacklist contractors. The Department of Infrastructures Development (DID) appointed a law firm to probe all firms doing maintenance.