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Wednesday, 27 May 2015 07:55
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Areas earmarked for future development as part of the Hazeldean Farm precinct could only go ahead if serviced by a bulk sewer line. The public participation process for such a sewer line, which will cut through smallholdings in Mooiplaats, Donkerhoek and Barendshoek, is in progress.

The Final Basic Assessment Report for the outfall sewer pipeline for the N4 Industrial Park is available for review until 25 May. The 95,5 ha park, planned at the Donkerhoek/Boschkop off-ramp of the N4 highway, will house commercial, office, vehicle service centre, fitment centres, home improvement centres and related retail facilities.

The bulk sewer line’s route is indicated in green between the N4 highway and Old Bronkhorstspruit Road (R104)

The park will be on portions 119 to 122, 240 and 365 of the farm Mooiplaats 367 JR, Barendshoek 630 JR and a portion of portion nine of the farm Donkerhoek 370 JR. The southern boundary is adjacent to the N4 Highway, and the Old Bronkhorstspruit Road (R104) forms the northern boundary.

Before development of the N4 industrial park is allowed to start, the necessary engineering services, such as the internal sewerage reticulation system and bulk sewer lines, need to be constructed.

The N4 industrial park development is located within the urban edge, which means that a formalised waterborne sanitation system is required by the metro council for the development. Other developments in the area, which could not be approved by the metro council due to a lack of sewerage services in the area, would also be able to go ahead if such a sewer line is built.

The pipeline’s route in the area where the Mooiplaats gravel road forms a T-junction with the Old Bronkhorstspruit Road (R104)
Photo: ILA

The proposed pipeline route passes through the following farm portions: the remaining extent of portion six of the farm Zwartkoppies 364 JR; the remaining extent of portion two of the farm Zwartkoppies 364 JR; portions 41, 43, and 46 of the farm Zwartkoppies 364 JR; the remaining extent of portions 241, 249, 250 and 251 of the farm Mooiplaats 367 JR; and portions 308, 309 and 311 of the farm Mooiplaats 367 JR.

The pipeline will collect waste water from the N4 industrial park’s main sewer outlet, to be located on portion 311 of the farm Mooiplaats 367 JR outside the N4 road reserve, more than 20 metres away.

From there, the pipeline traverses horizontally in a westerly direction and then turns north westerly along the existing industrial property boundaries on portions, 249, 250 and 251 of the Farm Mooiplaats 367-JR and continues further across an existing gravel road (R223), where it immediately makes a sharp turn south westerly towards the N4 highway.

Baviaanspoort Wastewater Treatment Works

The pipeline continues south westerly towards the Pienaars River and then turns north westerly again, approximately 60 metres from the edge of the N4 road reserve. After turning north westerly, the pipeline continues westerly in line with the drainage gradient of the Pienaars River within its floodplain.

Towards the Bronkhorstspruit Road (R104), the pipeline turns horizontally across the floodplain and river course to connect with the Baviaanspoort Wastewater Treatment Works bulk outfall sewer line which goes across the remainder of portion six of the farm Zwartkoppies 364 JR in Silver Lakes.

The entire pipeline route is 5.043 km long, and is a gravity outfall with a throughput capacity of
21.7 litres/s.

The Boschkop/Donkerhoek turn-off

The N4 light industrial park development was granted environmental authorisation by the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development on 23 September 2009 after a full Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

An engineering services report for the development was conducted by Hans Brink and  Associates CC Civil Engineering Consultants, as part of the EIA and township application.

According to the services report dated 11 June 2009, the bulk sewer supply network for the N4 industrial development was planned by Richard Hirst and Gerrie van Heerden in consultation with the then Kungwini Local Municipality’s master plan of the area. This plan involved the construction of an interim pipeline to serve initial developed areas due to the anticipated increase in development in the long term.

The construction of the pipeline was divided into two sections. The first section of the pipeline, planned by Snowey Owl developers, was to be constructed up to manhole K. Thereafter, the consortium of Donkerhoek developers was supposed to construct the pipeline at their own cost up to manhole L for Kungwini’s side and up to manhole N for Nokeng’s side of the N4 industrial development.

Due to the incorporation of Kungwini Local Municipality into the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and the land ownership changes, the proposed pipeline route has since changed in line with the metro council’s sewer master plan and future development rights in the area.