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Monday, 17 October 2011 09:39
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Fralena Store from Tweedracht writes:
My washing machine broke, as frequently happens these days, and I was very pleased to discover that we have a laundry in the area and decided to use them instead of buying a new machine as the rates were quite favourable and why not support the businesses in the area.

Well, everything was working out rather well until I discovered that some items were missing. My nephew, who is staying with me, had bought himself some clothes for his long weekend away and when he returned I sent his new clothes to the laundry.

Unfortunately I didn't weight the laundry when I collected it, but when I got it home and he looked for his new clothes they were gone - one pair of Diesel jeans size 32 and three T-shirts, medium.

We went along to the laundry to report it and the manager seemed very upset about it and offered to refund us the value if we could bring him the receipts and said that he would deduct the money from the wages of the member of staff who had handled the wash.

As we did not have the receipts he said we should buy new clothes and bring him the receipts. My nephew has struggled to find replacement jeans because it is a difficult size, but he finally found some and when he phoned the manager of the laundry to confirm that he would pay, the manager reneged on his offer and asked: how does he know that the jeans were in fact Diesel and that they were in fact stolen in the first place?

Well, I was very disappointed in the outcome of this matter and felt it my duty to inform the community so that they can beware of so-called trustworthy people.

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