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Thursday, 28 February 2013 07:37
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Gerbrand Bruin from Klipkop writes:

Along Lynnwood Road extension and Garstfontein Road we still find much evidence that we are losing the battle against the pom pom weed, Campuloclinium macrocephalum.

Suggested control: carefully cut flowers and stems at approximately 250 mm above the ground. Place in a plastic bag for burning later, and spray the remaining stem and leaves on top and underneath with Brush Off 2.5 g per 10 liter water combined with Effecto.

Alternatively, cut the flowers off and place in a plastic bag, and pull out the roots while the ground is wet. Roots break off easily. Follow up and check for new growth after a couple of weeks.

For any questions, please phone Gerbrand Bruin at 011-964-1591.
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