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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 11:51
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Barbara Corine Bennet from Bashewa writes:
I reside in Bashewa, where crime has escalated in the past couple of weeks in the form of fence cutting.

On Friday 28 February my alarm went off at 11.40 pm. Martin from Bassek was here within minutes to check the property. It was raining and nothing was found.

The next morning we found that two huge holes had been cut on either side of the fence leading to my neighbours. One keeps cattle, while the other has blesbuck. Fences were also cut on the adjoining property – holes big enough for livestock to fit through.

We noticed that the neighbour keeping cattle had his barbed wire fence stretched for the criminals to gain access. I notified the people concerned. I was told that the neighbour below us, who keeps horses, also had her electric fence cut.

After repairing the holes, we found a pair of side cutters at the scene of the crime. Monday night 3 March my neighbour below me let me know that her electric fence had been cut yet again. My fence was also cut again next to the previous holes that had been repaired.

Wednesday night 5 March the blesbuck next door were restless. It has rained continuously for the past week and therefore the criminals made perfect use of the opportunity to strike, knowing there would be no footprints as evidence.

To my knowledge nothing was stolen on these nights. I assume that in each case the criminals were disturbed and scared off by the torchlight of Bassek and the infra-red spot light used by my neighbour below me.
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