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Thursday, 25 September 2014 18:05
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Mari Greyling writes to dr Liesel van der Merwe:
Hope you can help me. There is a dikkop breeding on our pavement. She's permanently on the nest and her mate has disappeared. What can I feed her? She obviously can’t leave the nest alone.

Thanks for a lovely column.

Dr Liesel’s colleague, dr Dean de Kock, answers:
Dr Liesel passed on a question regarding a dikkop breeding close to somebody’s house.

I am not a bird expert, but as far as I know they are nocturnal and feed mainly during the night. The other bird may in fact be around, just not observed.

A person must approach the nest with caution, as birds often abandon a disturbed nest. With regards what to feed, they are insect eaters. Some mealworms placed in a bowl near the nest may help. Just a thought.

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