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Monday, 24 November 2014 23:34
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Lou Taylor from Nashville, TN in the USA writes to dr Liesel:
Hello, my Maltese that is eight years old was just diagnosed with encephalitis. She has a small fluid pocket at the brain stem. Over the last three days she has improved somewhat with a small dose of prednisone. I am doing research to find the greatest specialist in the field and came across your article. I am happy to pay for consultation to speak with you.

Dr Liesel answers:
I am always amazed that my columns are read by people in the States. Anyway, inflammation of the brain is quite common in small breed dogs such as Maltese, pugs and Yorkies.

It can respond well to anti-inflammatory therapy such as cortisones – a longish tapering dose over four to six months. Or there may be a relapse as soon as the dose is decreased and additional medication might be required to manage it.

Unfortunately it is just trial and error in most cases, as most vets cannot do a brain biopsy, which is needed to confirm which type. Pugs and Yorkies may have a more severe form.

I take it you have had an MRI performed to enable you to see the fluid. I am certainly not the greatest expert and would advise you to speak to your general practitioner vet and ask for a referral if you are worried or if they feel they cannot manage the case.

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