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Friday, 12 December 2014 13:29
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Anoniem van Kaalfontein skryf:
Ek het julle ook gebel om te sê dat dit lyk of perde nie goed behandel word by Wet Nose nie. Weet julle wat aangaan?

Debbie Herselman from Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre answers:
Statement regarding 14 horses at Wet Nose: On Saturday 15 November 2014, 14 horses arrived at Wet Nose. We have not said one word on any public forum regarding these horses as there are legal implications and an ongoing investigation.

However, a photo of one of the horses has been going around and has caused quite a stir in the horse fraternity as well as an inspection from the SPCA and Highveld Horse care Unit (HHCU), which were apparently informed that we had no food for these horses.

As you all know, horse lovers are very passionate and for that reason we would like to set the record straight about exactly why the horses are here, in order to put an end to a lot of speculation and criticism toward us, even though we would have preferred to conclude our investigation before having to make a statement.

Many people have criticised Wet Nose for taking horses that were not yet completely emaciated and other organisations have said that the horses shouldn’t have been confiscated and that we had no warrant to confiscate.

FACT: These horses were not confiscated. We were asked for help by a DIY stable yard as the horses had been abandoned without food or bedding and had been left in stables for days on end.

Our inspector found them in poor condition, with body scores all under 2.5, scored by a very experienced nutritionist, terrible split hooves, sharp teeth and abscesses in their mouths and found a mare in terrible pain that has since been found to have Kissing Spine Disease. The fact is that these horses were most certainly neglected; however, they were primarily removed as they had been abandoned.

The owner of the horses, who is a national showing judge, has since been to see us and admitted to neglecting the horses due to financial restraints and has signed her horses over to Wet Nose to care for and eventually rehome.

We are not sure why the SPCA and HHCU were contacted with reports that we were unable to care for these horses. We can only come to the conclusion that it might be because members of the enthusiastic horse fraternity, who are rightfully upset by this, have kindly been rallying together to bring us donations for the horses.

Please be assured that the horses are indeed being fed and are in the process of getting veterinary care, farrier and dental care, and are seen by a chiropractor and a nutritionist. The donations that have been received are most certainly welcome as we do not just have 14 horses here, but 40 rescue horses.

Please also be assured that as with every other animal at Wet Nose, any decisions made on behalf of these horses will be in the animals’ best interest, decided upon by many experts, and will not be decided on by any public forum.

Letter shortened. – Ed

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