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Wednesday, 18 November 2009 08:09
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W Votava from plot 51, Boschkop writes:
I am one of these plot owners who are battling against the encroachments which are happening. Being on my own, I approached The Bronberger for some help, if not possible. Wanted to be put in touch with other people who have the same problem.

I phoned once and after a while a second time. Each time I got my hopes up to get some results. Well, nothing happened. Why, I ask myself. Can you not say, I am not interested; I have no time, or solve your own problem? I am grown up and can take a negative answer. I can only say these are bad manners and maybe a typical sign of our times where no values are important any more.

To close my letter, if ever I get shot at or worse, get killed, don’t waste a line in your paper. It will be too late.

Thanks to a very kind reader in Mooiplaats and with the help of Conserv, we were able to locate Werner Votava by means of his plot number. It appears that he is angry and frustrated about his neighbour. There is a building too close to his fence as well as something which appears to be an illegal abattoir for chicken and sheep. Apparently the neighbour doesn’t live there, and is not affected by the smell and flies.-Ed

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