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Thursday, 10 December 2009 17:40
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Debbie Herselman from Wet Nose writes:
As Christmas approaches we are once again being inundated with animals. The concept of dumping your dog next to the road so that you can go on holiday is totally incomprehensible to you and me, but it seems not everyone feels this way about their pets.

Last year we had concerned citizens from all over bringing us stray and abandoned dogs, boxes of kittens from the rubbish dump, and plenty of animals who had been hit by cars. We had neighbours phoning us to say that animals had been left alone at home without food and water for days on end, not to mention the number of animals who got lost or injured due to fireworks.

During the month of December we took in another 106 dogs, over and above the usual 150 to 200 dogs, 60 cats, donkeys, horses and goats that we normally have.

Unless the entire country has learned to love and appreciate their pets in the last year, we are headed for another catastrophic December. We have just run out of tinned puppy and kitten food and are almost out of dry puppy and kitten food. This has come at a crucial time, but can be overcome with the support of our loyal friends.

Please keep in mind that every animal coming through Wet Nose this holiday season will be sterilised, dewormed, inoculated, and all the dogs will be micro-chipped. The expense of doing all that for every animal is massive, not to mention the cost of running the shelter.

Our appeal to you is to please donate as much puppy and kitten food as you can afford to help us with. We know how you can all rally together when the need arises, and we need you now. Animal lovers are a special breed of caring people, lets see what we can all do together to improve the spirit of Christmas and show all the lost wet noses some love.

Phone Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre at 013-932-3941.

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