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Wednesday, 24 February 2010 08:14
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Mike Strange from Mooiplaats writes:
I had a tractor accident in the middle of last year. While standing, I slipped off the tractor and fell under the left rear wheel, which proceeded to ride over me. Luckily the slasher was down and didn’t do any damage.

I sustained a few injuries to my occipital arch, cheek bone, upper and lower jaw, my nose was broken, two ribs were cracked and I had badly bruised knees. I spent a week in hospital for reconstructive surgery to my face and head.

I now have a steel plate in the head and have difficulty with airport x-ray machines; otherwise I’m strong and back in shape, but haven’t yet gotten back on the tractor.

I mention this because the people of the Mooiplaats Safety Initiative (MSI) generously and anonymously donated funds to help me through this period. I have sent thanks to unknown persons via local area leaders, but never thought to publish them via The Bronberger. So, perhaps the good people of Mooiplaats, Boschkop and Zwavelpoort can be thanked now, although belatedly, in this way.

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