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Thursday, 20 May 2010 17:24

Anonymous from Boschkop writes:
I would like to post the following message anonymously, since I am a bit afraid, knowing what happened to me when I tried to speak out with my name. But it has to be said and I need to know what I can do without risking my family’s life.

Living close to plot 103 on the Boschkop road, apparently owned by a man from Centurion, I am amazed that people moved from living in simple Wendy houses to living in huge sea containers. About eight of them were placed on that plot and apparently more are to come.

Knowing that each individual tenant pays a huge sum of money for rental, I would like to seriously consider putting some containers on my property for rental. I might even consider adding a toilet, a shabeen and some kind of a soccer field and I will be rich in no time. Oh yes, do not forget to get the police involved to ensure protection and continuation in the whole exploitation.

Is this allowed in Boschkop? Can we just exploit whoever with whatever we want? Don’t we know that besides people with good intentions, we also attract many, many more with bad, very bad intentions?

I feel sorry for those who live there and those on the adjourning properties who have to cope with it. Please help them before the situation explodes in Boschkop’s face! Tik, tak, tik, tak . . .

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