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Thursday, 21 October 2010 06:17
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Allan Vosloo from JFT writes:
My name is Romeo 5 and often I feel I am looked down upon because of what I do. I am a reaction officer in the area that you stay. You don’t always see me when I move around and I don’t expect you to stand at the front door 24 hours a day looking when I will pass by.

I often drive past you, though, when you go to the shops or collect the children from school. I smile and wave to greet you as I often know who you are. I don’t always get greeted back but that is okay; I am just a reaction officer who works a 12 hour shift either when you are at work or fast asleep.

I am also human with emotions and feelings and yet when I see you it is almost as if I am invisible to you. I generally work alone at night with my trusted side-arm that has never let me down. I also have a voice on the other side of the radio that directs and instructs me to possible dangerous situations. This I don’t mind as this is what you pay me to do.

What does affect me is when I pass by or stop at your gate - the way I am looked at or treated. I do not have any blue lights or sirens that can assist me to get to you quicker and I am punished if I break any traffic laws, yet I strive to get to you as quickly as possible and am generally there before anyone else. So please don’t shout at me if the truck in front of me was driving too slowly or the mom with two kids in the car is not sure where to turn.

I often have to climb over walls or gates to check if all is safe at your house. I am often met by Rambo or Fluffy; either of the two wants a piece of me.

There are some other points that you are often not aware of and the impression that I only respond to alarms is not entirely true. I am the one who, when I arrive at your house and a violent crime has been committed, calls the ambulance. I am the one who sits with you while they are on their way. I am the one who sees the pain in your eyes. I am the one you look at to take control.

I have on more than one occasion driven past a house that is not my client, where something does not appear right. I have stopped to see what is wrong. I have found that someone has tried to steal your car and woken you up to help you. I have driven past a bushy area and seen suspicious smoke. I have gone into this area alone and found criminals burning telephone cables and apprehended all of them.

I have worked with the SAPS in cleanup operations where I have gone into open areas to see what criminals may be there. I work with the community and often I am called to respond to a client only to be requested to assist the neighbour next door who is afraid. No matter how hot or how cold or how wet it is, I am a reaction officer and this is what I do. All I ask is that the next time you see me drive by and I wave or smile that you treat me the same and wave back.

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