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Thursday, 22 April 2010 16:14
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Linda Pieterse-Fergus writes:
Myself, my minpin of seven years old, toypom of nine years old and Jack Russel cross Maltese of six years old moved in with my partner two years ago and she has a four-year-old Maltese. We recently bought boerboels from a good bloodline, which are now three and a half months old, all six dogs are females.

We took the boerboels to pup school and they?re doing well, but the other four have hectic streaks and the problem is that my three dogs form a pack, which they have done since we moved in, and now and again attack the poodle.

Initially the boerboels started trying to stop the fight by barking and when that doesn?t work, they do an almost bite action to my three-pack. Nowadays, when the four small dogs fight, the boerboels get instigated to get involved and bite to draw blood.

Please help. I know it depends on us to make this work. We don?t have human children; they are our children and giving any of them away is not an option. But I can?t handle seeing them hurt each other and dread to think what will happen when the boerboels are big if this continues.

Also whenever we get people, the four older dogs go hysterical by barking and this sometimes also leads to a fight. If we can just get your assistance. I do work from home and will make the time to follow through what you teach us and the doggies. We live in Pretoria.

I would like to refer you to animal behaviourists, Edupet. They are next to B-House on Garsfontein Road extension. - Dr Liesel van der Merwe